Science Experiment By National Award winner Mnjibhai B. Prajapati at UniqYOU School

Experiments for the growth of any child are very important in life, the experiments done by the child are very necessary for their brain growth. Science activities always motivate children to learn new things, science education activities provide opportunities for children to develop and practice different skills and specialties. These include communication skills, collaborative skills, teamwork, and perseverance as well as analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills. It is said that the greatest development of a child’s brain occurs between the ages of 1 and 10 years of his childhood. Help them expand their vocabulary by using scientific terms that are appropriate for their age group. Encourage them to extend and embed their learning through related literacy, numeracy, and creative activities. If subjects like Maths, Science English are taught through activity it helps the child to remember better and for a long time.

For that reason, on 2nd March 2022, a science experiment was organized by UniqYOU school which was taken up by National Award winner Manjibhai Prajapati. he got an International award from London, also innovation award, at the age of 73 he works effectively, He believes that if he wants to make work better, he should consider it as his own life.

Both Gujarati and English medium children from Std. 1 to 9 participated to watch these science experiments. In which very nice and amazing experiments related to science subject were shown by Manjibhai. The list of experiments performed by them is shown below.

  1. Hanging Toys: Hang the toys at the edge of the table, it shows an Up-Down Swing like Pendulum, if tapped once. Logic:  Function due to Centre of Gravity.
  2. Parrot & Duck: Showing Pick’s up-material from Beak. Logic:     Function due to Magnetic effect i.e.; magnate attracts IRON pieces & also opposite poles attract each other.
  3. Gangajal Jal from Shivji head & Bathing Elephant: Hold the water bottle at a high level & place the object at a lower level. Logic:     To show that water (Fluid) flows from the HIGH Level to the Low Level.
  4. Monkey Spill Water from Mouth: By pressing Rubber HORN water comes out from the monkey’s mouth. Logic:     Pressing Horn, Air generates pressure in water results in turn force air carrying water to Rising in the pipe & expel out.
  5. Dancing Doll: When we TAP, it leans down& comes back to a standing position. The Base is kept heavy. Logic:     This action is due to the CENTRE OF GRAVITY.
  6. Math’s Snake: UNcounted Marbles placed at the mouth of the Snake, Rolls Down thru ZIG-ZAG path & stopped before the outlet. Logic:     To be counted by the Student. Aim—Counting Practice.
  7. Mind Game: Ask 4 Digit numbers from Student, &directly write the Answer. Logic:     To explain the technique using add / subtract the digits. To enhance the I.Q level of Child. (Explained to Teachers)
  8. Sand Clock: Two bulbs joined in UP-Down position. Sand placed in one Bulb. Invert the position, sand flow-thru small hole with the time laps to empty the upper bulb. Logic:     Giving Knowledge of How ancient people used to judge Time by using this manual clock when Mechanical / digital Clock or watch was not invented.
  9. Blowing one Balloon blows other Balloon: Push Air from the mouth in a pipe connected to one balloon, placed inside the bottle. The other balloon is out of the bottle & its pipe is inside the bottle. Logic: Displacement of air Particles from their position, doing this balloon inside the bottle blows and creates pressure in air particle of that area–inside the bottle, so the air escape from that area & move up in the pipe connected to other balloon & blow it.
  10. Talking Crow &Jackal: Tell some Story. For Entertainment only. Logic:     Making of Puppet. Wear in hands.
  11. I.Q Test & Recognition of Figures: Drawing Complex, jumbled Geometrical Shapes. Logic:     To find out the shape (with name & how many numbers of particular shapes).

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