Historic Achievement: 100% result in both the schools

It is indeed a historic achievement for the UniqYOU campus, Idar for achieving 100% result in Standard 10 (SSC) Board examination for the year 2019-20. We have two medium of instructions schools in the campus: English Medium and Vernacular Gujarati Medium. And for the first time the result we have got in both the school as 100%. All students of our school appearing for the board exams have passed. This is a further exceptional achievement as an entire state result is 60.64% and our district Sabarkantha result is merely 51.71% during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Gujarat state, there is a song that is sung in most marriages when the procession of bridegroom start their journey from bride place to groom place (once marriage is over). Ame Idariyo Garh jitya re…અમે ઇડરિયો ગઢ જીત્યા રે… (we have conquered Idar hill..) We belong to Idar. And indeed we have feeling of Conquering Idar hill as we achieved 100% result in SSC Board examination.

We sincerely acknowledge all those who have made this possible:

  • All the students who have worked hard for the exams.
  • Those students (We call them atipriya(અતિપ્રિય)) who were facing specific challenges in certain subjects. They have worked very hard.
  • Teachers, Coordinators and Principal who have undertaken their duties and followed the system to achieve the results.
  • Experts, and teachers from other schools, who also contributed directly and indirectly.
  • Parents and well-wishers who have reposed confidence in our efforts.
100% of School Result Verses 51.71% of Entire District Result says it all !!
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